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    25th NECTJ Harumatsuri

    @ United Nations International School

    Monday, March 18, 2019


    NECTJ Harumatsuri is an annual Japanese spring festival hosted by

    the Northeast Council of Teachers of Japanese (NECTJ) since 1994.


    Harumatsuri takes place in March at United Nations International School in New York City and

    offers professional Japanese performances, cultural booths, various contests, and a talent show.

    More than 500 students mainly in high school who are learning Japanese and

    100 volunteers participate in Harumatsuri every year.

    Through Harumatusri, the students not only experience Japanese culture but also interact with performers, volunteers, and new friends in Japanese.


    If you would like to bring your students or volunter, please contact us. nectjharumatsuri@gmail.com

    Students, please tell your Japanese teacher about Harumatsuri and join our event!

    Registration including lunch bento box is $12 per student and teacher.



    Click the image below to watch a recap video of Harumatsuri.

    Harumatsuri 2018 Recap

    More Harumatsuri videos found here.
    *Due to schedule, Akimatsuri 2015 was held instead of Harumatsuri 2016.


    Northeast Council of Teachers of Japanese


    New York, NY & Boston, MA


    NECTJ is a non-profit organization for K-16 Japanese teachers in the Northeast area and a regional affiliate of American Association of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ). NECTJ is one of the biggest teacher's organizations in the United States and actively holds events for students and workshops for teachers. 


    Website: www.nectj.org


    Harumatsuri Committee

    Teacher Committee Members

    Committee Chair

    Ritsuko Yokota (The Hudson School)

    Assistant Committee Chair

    Yukiko Wilson (East-West School of International Studies)


    Participating Schools & Committee Members

    Bronx Collaborative HS: Emi Yamasaki

    Clarkstown HS: Akiko Uchiyama

    Forest Hills High School: Natalia Higashide

    Francis Lewis HS: Mitsuko Kimura

    High Tech HS: Akemi Dobkin

    LaGuardia HS: Chiaki Rochkind

    Lynbrook HS & Valley Stream Central HS: Noriko Koide

    New Heights Charter Academy School: Naruka Yoshino

    The New Life School: Kuniko Hall

    Northern Valley HS at Demarest: Kei Sakayama

    Marble Hill School: Johanna Yokokawa

    P.S. 147 Issac Remsen School: Yoshiyasu Horino, Ayako Ito, Kayo Kudo

    Saint Ann's School: Yasuko Otsue

    Townsend Harris HS: Mariko Sato Berger

    UNIS: Kazuo Tsuda, Masahiro Tanaka

    North Valley HS at Old Tappan: Yoko Fukuda

    Marcus Williams

  • Applications

    All applications must be submitted through Japanese teachers.

    Talent Show

    *Not a contest.

    Deadline: Thursday, January 31, 2019


    Duration: Within 5 minutes


    Contents: Must be performed in Japanese and appropriate for screening in the school environment. No violence or inappropriate language and acting.

    Requirements: Must submit a 30-second demo video or the performance.

    Submission format: Upload the demo video on YouTube.

    Application: Send this application form and the YouTube link to harumatsuritalentshow@gmail.com with “Talent Show” in subject. In text, type the following:

    1. Your name

    2. Japanese teacher's name

    3. School name

    4. School grade

    5. Level of Japanese (1st year, AP, etc)

    6. Other students' names

    7. A link of the video

    Pamphlet Cover Design Contest

    Both Hand Written and Digital Entries

    Deadline: Thursday, January 31, 2019

    1. A) Hand-drawn Cover Design for the front page:

    All entries must be original in black ink designs on white paper/canvas/etc. (8 ½ x11). The words '2019', ‘ニューヨーク (New York)', and '春祭り (Haru matsuri)' must be included in the design in Japanese(Kana or/and Kanji).

    Print your name, school and Japanese Teacher’s name on the back of each entry. Either you or your teacher scan your work and send it to harumatsuricontest@gmail.com with "Hand-drawn Cover Design" in subject. Each entry has to be a separate JPEG or JPG file, neither two or more entries in one file nor a PDF file. The file name must be the following: SchoolName_StudentName


    Your teacher needs to bring your original to Harumatsuri Committee meeting in February. Please note that we are not responsible for returning originals.


    1. B) Digital Cover Design for the back page:

    The guidelines are the same as the Hand-Drawn contest.

    The file format must be either JPEG or JPG. Name your file as the following: SchoolName_YourName.


    Send your design to harumatsuricontest@gmail.com with “Digital Cover Design” in subject. In tes, type your name, school, and Japanese Teacher’s name. When you send, make sure that you copy your teacher on the email.


    Samples of 2015 Akimatsuri Winners

    *You must use only black ink this year.

    Video Skit Contest

    Deadline: Thursday, January 31, 2019


    Length: 2-5 minutes


    Contents: Must be appropriate for screening in the school environment. No violence or inappropriate language and acting.

    Requirements: Each video should represent a labor of at least FOUR students. English subtitles must accompany. The script must be an original work by students.

    Judging Criteria: Satisfaction of the guidelines. Originality & Creativity, Japanese language skills.

    Submission format: Upload your video on YouTube.

    Application: Send the YouTube link to harumatsuricontest@gmail.com with “Video Skit Contest” in subject. In text, type the following:

    1. Your name

    2. Japanese teacher's name

    3. School name

    4. School grade

    5. Level of Japanese (1st year, AP, etc)

    6. Other students' names

    7. A link of the video


    Click here to watch the 2016 winner 's video.

    NETCJ Speech Contest

    NECTJ スピーチコンテスト

    Regional Contest for the All-USA Speech Contest by Aurora Foundation



    The purpose of the speech content is to promote international understanding among local high school students by offering an opportunity to present and learn the different perspectives and new knowledge gained through studying the Japanese language and culture.






    Speakers can choose any topic; e.g. "Traditional Culture vs Pop Culture,” “International Relationships,” etc.






    Past Speech Contest Topics:

    You can download the Speech Contest 2017 program here.






    Applicants must be high school students who may not:


    a) be native speakers of Japanese;


    b) have a Japanese parent (Issei), or;


    c) have had more than six months of schooling in Japan after age six.


    d) These students also may not be past 1st place winners, and


    e) their teachers must be current members of NECTJ.


    Any student who places in the top 3 at the NECTJ Speech Contest on March 18 will be eligible to submit their speeches for consideration to the Aurora Foundation All-USA High School Japanese Speech Contest to be held May 27th(tentative) at the University of California, Irvine. However, the winner of the national contest to enter the world speech contest in Japan in July must be a US citizen or permanent resident.


    For more details, see Aurora Foundation's website.





    a) 日本語が第一言語ではないこと。


    b) どちらかの親が日本人一世ではないこと。


    c) 六歳以降日本で学校に六か月以上通った経験がないこと。


    d) 過去にこのスピーチコンテストで一位を取ったことがないこと。


    e) 担当教師がNECTJのメンバーであること。







    Date and Venue:

    The Northeast Council of Teachers of Japanese (NECTJ) Japanese Speech Contest for High School Students will be held during Harumatsuri on Monday, March 18, 2019 from 12:00- 1:15 p.m. at the United Nations International School.






    Procedure for Preliminary Selection

    (Deadline: Friday, February 8, 2019)





    To be considered to be finalist for the Contest, teachers must submit the following on behalf of their students.




    (1) Online Application Form

    The Japanese teacher must submit student applications using the Online Application Form for up to three (3) students. If you have multiple entries, please rank the speeches from your school with the strongest speech as ‘1’ and so forth.



    Online Application Form(リンク)より、教師が応募用紙に記入してください。3名まで申し込めます。参加希望生徒が複数の場合は、教師によるスピーチの評価の高い順に1、2、の順番で記入してください。


    (2) Recorded Speech and Manuscript

    E-mail the following items to nectjharumatsuri@gmail.com:





    (i) Recorded speech in MP3 format. Each speech must be 5 minutes or less in length.


    Name the file: (teacher’s last name). (student name)

    Example: Tanaka. David Bantz





    “(teacher’s last name). (student name).”

    : Tanaka. David Bantz.


    (ii) Scanned image of each applicant's handwritten manuscript

    Name the file the same way as (i).





    Selection Procedure:

    Japanese teacher members of NECTJ will judge submissions and select 6-9 speeches for the Contest, where contestants will present their speeches in person.


    Teachers will be notified of finalists by the Speech Contest Committee by February 28 , 2019.











    Instructions for Speech Contest Finalists





    Finalists and their Japanese teachers must follow the instructions below. Submissions must be made by teachers.




    (1) Submit the following by Saturday, March 2.


    以下を3 月2日土曜日までに提出してください。


    (i) English Summary of the Speech

    Finalists must write an English summary of their speech (200-250 words, typed). Teachers must combine all students' summaries into one Word document and send to nectjharumatsuri@gmail.com.


    Name the file by teacher's name.






    (ii) Entry Form

    Teachers must fill out the Entry Form sent to them by the Committee to provide participants' contact information, names of accompanying family and friends, lunch information, etc. and send it back to nectjharumatsuri@gmail.com.





    (iii) Agreement Form

    Participants are asked to fill out and sign the Agreement Form regarding the use of their photographic images by NECTJ. Send us back a scanned image of the Form to the address above.





    (2) Other Things to Prepare for the Contest




    (i) Practice your speech

    You will be giving a speech in front of a general audience as well as a panel of judges who will ask you a few questions based on your speech. Participants are encouraged to memorize their speech.




    (ii) Admission and lunch fees

    Contestants from schools NOT participating in Harumatsuri must pay for admission and lunch (optional). Their accompanying family and friends must also pay for admission and lunch (optional). Family and friends will have their lunch in a separate location from the contestants.




    This Year's Song:

    布団の中から出たくない (Futon no Naka kara Detakunai) by 打首獄門同好会 (Uchikubi Gokumon Dōkōkai)

    Click here to see the lyrics of the song.


    January 31, 2019

    List of Student Participants

    Proposals for Student Booths

    Pamphlet Design Contest

    Video Skit Contest

    Talent Show Application with a 30 second demo-video


    February 8, 2017

    Speech Contest


    Please follow us on social media and feel free to contact us.



    NECTJ Facebook






    Volunteer Opportunity


    Please contact us!












    NECTJ is a non-profit organization and organizes Harumatsuri with generous support and donations from various organizations and companies.

    We will appreciate your both voluntary working at the event and monetary support.


    If you are interested in volunteers, please contact us by e-mail.


    If you are willing to make a donation for our event, please click the Donate button below and put amount of money you would like to donate through PayPal.


    Thank you for your support.

    Arigatoo gozaimasu.